Seventeen seems like a pointless number in between legal to drive and legal adult,

But seventeen was the age my mom came to America alone.

She came to a land unknown,

And to Pakistan she said, “Shalom.”


I can’t imagine being on my own in another country.

Seventeen is such a young age,

But college was in my mom’s book- her next page.

She had to leave to America- she couldn’t wait.


She did it.

From seventeen to the current time,

She’s been a RRT, gotten her masters, has a year left for her PhD, had three kids, and still shines.

She volunteers avidly in the community and in my opinion, is the most kind.


My mom knew what she wanted to do when she came to this country.

Maybe that’s why she wants us to do even more than she does,

My sisters and I started our story in America- something which she had to adjust,

And also, we have her as an inspiration- the biggest plus.


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