Off Switch

Why is it that the mind is most productive at its last waking moment?

Though we want to go to bed, our mind begins to talk with an argument that is unbelievably cogent.


Where is the off switch at times like these?

Times where the mind runs through the agenda for the next week,

Through the relationships in the past and future years- the troughs and the peaks,

Every possible task forgotten to do- it leaks,

And it continuously speaks.


The off button does not exist,

Perhaps if it does, it is greatly talented in its ability to resist.


The moment we wish to bid a temporary farewell,

Some days it takes it swell,

While other days, gives hell.

Though there must be some limit on the mind for telling,

I must admit, for this limit I have no intel.


The mind is a mystery for the moment we wish it would quiet,

It revels in the silence and creates an internal riot.


For there is no telling how or why the mind does this,

A moment must be taken to applaud it.

How many of us keep going when someone tells us to quit?

Do we retaliate, hold our ground, or just go with it?

The mind doesn’t care if we want it to go to bed, not in the slightest bit.


Maybe we question why our mind will not go to bed,

Maybe it’s because this moment of silence is the first moment of rest,

The first moment for our thoughts to enter our head,

The first moment to be discussed and said.


The day fills the mind with thoughts concerning everyone else,

And refrains from filling with thoughts of our self.


When we lay in bed however, we think only of ourselves,

And the mind greatly enjoys this selfish moment to delve.


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