Mask Raid

Remove your mask, this is no masquerade.

I beg your pardon for calling out your charade.


Why is it that you only do your best,

When people watch your actions, or time is pressed?


What allows you to believe you are entitled for fame,

When you have done nothing genuinely and treated life like a game?


Who are you in reality?

I don’t think you understand the gravity-

The gravity of trying to present a facade,

When you have already been caught.


It is of no use to aim to please everyone and never be you,

It does not matter if you are less than what you make yourself out to be- as long as you deliver the truth.


No one cares for those who are fake,

Because when the mask is no longer intact,

The audience will learn that it was all an act,

And their trust in you, a mistake.


Do us all a favor and just be you.

Whether that is kind, bitter, rude, or another such hue,

Nobody cares, as long as it’s truly you.


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