Imagination: A Dangerous Nation

The most dangerous place to live in is called Imagination,

It embellishes reality and forces you to live in anticipation.


Reality can no longer suffice

For the wishes you hold in your mind.

What may have been a dream come true once upon a time,

Is now incomparable to the dreams composed in your mind.


Imagination is a wonderful place to visit every now and then.

You may need to pack your bags however, when reality is what you condemn.


In Imagination, every wish comes true.

No moment is ever blue.

Every action is up to you,

You can do anything you have ever wanted to.


Imagination is not reality and some fail to draw the line,

They live in this Lotus Land every chance they get and lose track of time.


When you leave Imagination, you may feel withdrawals,

Perhaps even engage in some internal quarrels.

Remember, this is all normal,

For if reality were the same as Imagination, why would anyone still travel through the mental portal?


Reality is often not what is desired for ourselves,

So a haven is found in Imagination to appease our self.


However, this dependence on fantasy,

Leaves our minds in emotional bankruptcy,

Because Imagination is a fallacy,

That if relied on too much, can cause tragedy.


Reality may not be as great as what fantasy is, but reality is the truth.

Whether it is enough or not, is up to you.


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