Lending Hand

Is generosity handing a crinkled bill to the wrinkled hand of an old homeless man?

Or is Generosity the name of a person who encourages everyone that they will get what they need and do what they can?

Is generosity donating items to a local charity?

Or is generosity giving a compliment to someone with utmost sincerity?

Generosity is actually the essence of the United States,

Generosity is like having all the right parts of a great meal in your plate.


Generosity is what makes the world fit together,

All of us, pieces of a puzzle, fit nice and neat, all together,

As we give to each other,

And are kind to one another.


If the country was not so generous,

Our country would not be as diverse.

The melting pot we are would be a phrase that was worthless,

And my family’s life today would be much worse.


America has been a hand that has reached out to everyone in need,

America is the friend you can rely on in any circumstance.

Sometimes it takes me a while to appreciate the life I have here,

And appreciate the great life that was given by a generous chance.


Thank you to the spirit of America’s generosity,

A trait no other has possessed with such constancy.

Thank you for all that you have given me,

Thank you, land of the brave and home of the free.


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