Letter to an Old Friend

Hello my dear friend,

It’s been quite a while since we last spoke,

Perhaps because everything was going quite good so I didn’t find it necessary to write.

Now, however, I’ve been hearing things about you that I thought were jokes,

But I’ve learned their truth and now live in fright.


When I met you sixteen years ago,

You welcomed me with open arms and loved me dearly.

Now, who are you? I don’t really know.

Can you go back to who you were, please?


Are you hanging out with the wrong friends?

Are you being used as a name for all these bad acts?

I can’t comprehend,

What is the cause of all these unexpected and horrendous facts?


Are you the same friend who my parents loved?

Are you the same friend who opened your home and made it our own?

I don’t think so when I see articles about you acting so rough,

And being shown as a person who I would never call a friend of my own.


Do you remember why you were my greatest friend?

Do you remember why everyone thought the best of you?

You were the person who let everyone in and who would stay until the end,

You were the person we could count on to lead and follow through.


You inspired everyone and made them believe the future will be kind,

But now your name is thrown around as a disgrace,

Even I have been unable to think of positive qualities in my rhymes.

My dear friend I ask of you, please restore our faith.


I miss you,

An American


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