Systematic Error

Why is it that a single number can mean so much?

I cannot comprehend how

A single number’s importance can be as such.


Colleges care greatly about percentages,

Thinking it’s an incentive,

But where is the line drawn between motivation

And devastation?


There are tears being shed,

Not in a battlefield of war,

But a war of importance going on in heads.


Everyone is so caught up in this single number,

Not just the percent,

But a single digit that forces me to wonder


Why do we stress ourselves out so much by this number,

Wasting hours of the day, years of our life,

Even sacrificing precious slumber?


What does it give you in the end?

A pat on the back or some meaningless happiness?

Why is that preferred when it causes you to back-stab friends?


I just cannot comprehend why a number can have such great power.

What overwhelms us that makes us so sour?

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

What is the good that can come from that, why do we bother?


But how can I be believed since I am a hypocrite,

Sitting high up yet talking the opposite?

Just because I know how the system works, does not mean I support it.


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