New Label

What if you woke up one day unable to hear?

How would you feel? Confused or in fear?


You’d be immediately given a new label,



You’d be asked how it happened, but you would lack all the answers.

You’d ask the professionals but no one would know, making the situation worse.

All they could tell you was you needed an MRI,

Only then could they figure out what happened, or at least try.


Next, the MRI comes out perfectly normal,

But this is the one time you’d prayed for abnormal.

Had there been an obstruction they could’ve removed that,

Restoring your hearing, and bringing your original self back.


However, there was nothing there,

So now a hearing aid is what you must wear.

How is it that you woke up one day without hearing in your right ear,

And now disabled is a label, you’ll wear for years?


This world is a mystery in how it gives and takes,

Leaving you sometimes with happiness, other times with pain.

Having something taken away makes you miss it, even though you took it for granted-

Leaving you in the same mindset as if you had been stranded.


Being able to hear out of only one ear,

Makes you feel alone, lost, and full of fear.


Hearing is not a toy you’ll miss,

But something you’ll forever wish

To come back to you again,

But with so many unknowns, it’s not sure if it will or when.


The biggest lesson my sister taught me was to treasure what I have,

And to treasure it again, on her behalf.


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