My recall memory can be described as the worst,

Yet somehow I’m able to remember all my memories with you.

My mind has an endless replay of the good times with you,

These thoughts leave me immersed.


I remember stopping at the rest stop on the way to Sugarland,

Seeing you drive the car I do now,

Seeing how much you love it, just as I do now,

Watching you drive was intriguing, you would talk to your granddaughters, sing to music, but stay focused and determined.


I remember you letting Saherish and I sing horribly at the top of our lungs,

You would tell us to keep singing new songs,

My gosh, we sang so bad and you must’ve heard one hundred times, us sing the same song.

You made us feel like superstars from when we were very young.


I remember you telling me we were out of gas,

That I would have to get out and push the car,

Then watching as I freaked out in the car,

And finally pushing on the accelerator and sending me a laugh.


Grandpa, you are who I aspire to be,

You care so much for everyone in the house,

Mom, Dad, Sara, Saherish, me, and even guests in the house.

You take care of us all and you are everything we could possibly need.


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