Beethoven was deaf but made beautiful music to be heard.

Nobody was able to appreciate him because they looked too close.

They only saw him for his faults, nothing else.

When everyone stepped back to see what he’d done, they discovered something great- this everyone knows.


Is it possible that sometimes we judge too quick, look too close?

We seem to only look at what a person has at the surface.

If they are beautiful or perfect we cling on,

But if they have a fault, we deem them worthless.


Isn’t it often that the best work we do is when no one is watching?

Is it because there is no judgment, only ourselves to uncover our own potential?

Maybe it’s good that Beethoven was not there to hear what others told him,

Perhaps then, he wouldn’t have been successful.


Beethoven believed in himself when no one else was willing to.

He proved that you don’t need anyone to believe in yourself as long as you do.


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