Nonexistant Boundaries

Schools have always been divided into various ‘cliques,’

These separations have no easy fix.

This group sits here, another there- the fine line of division exists,

It’s sad to see these groups never find a way to merge.


Why is it that in school, everyone is not friends with everyone else?

Why do we separate ourselves from other classmates, what is it that compels?

Why do we isolate our friend groups into numbers able to be accommodated by prison cells?

What causes this separation, this division, this un-unification?


From the age of 6 to 14, I went to school with the same 200 kids in my grade,

Everyone knew each other’s names,

Yet somehow, friend groups were like everywhere else: bound to be made.

The groups were exclusive and defined, lacking the fluidity I’d like.


It seemed that by staying with the same peers,

I only knew children of my age who I’d been with for eight years,

As the start of high school appeared,

I picked my zoned high school rather than the one that my middle school fed into.


I only spent a year at the high school I was zoned to,

Because the following year, a high school opened, completely new.

I was zoned to the new one, so I had to go, this I knew.

However I did not know, the best bonds of friendship I would develop would be there.


It’s always said that friends are the family you can choose.

The friends I have now, I can’t bare to lose.

When the new high school opened, and I got the news,

I’m glad I made the switch.


At the new school, all 1370 of us were in the same boat,

We were all newbies in a new school, needing to grow,

We didn’t let the separating boundaries come to exist, this I know.

I stand here today, with hundreds of friends from every friend group: simply because there is just one.


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