Industrialization has been growing since the 1800s,

We know its harmful effects,

Yet still, we covet.


Corpus Christi was put on a water contamination warning late Wednesday night,

It was said that there were hazardous chemicals in the water,

Unknown at the time.


Families from every income level rushed to get water bottles,

The tap water could not be boiled, frozen or used in any form,

So watching 300,000 people try to get usable water was quite simply, a marvel.


People did not know what was wrong with the water rather than its dangerous state,

All schools in the district had to be cancelled the next day.

The people prayed the water ban would be lifted, but they just had to wait.


As Thursday progressed, reports of the situation were released.

The chemicals Indulin AA86 and hydrochloric acid were in our water.

Even though the knowledge was out, people were not pleased.


The cause of the contamination was localized backflow from industrial facilities,

The chemicals responsible were oil-based petroleum chemicals,

It’s understandable that refineries and industrialization were the culprit of this crisis.


Can you imagine three to twenty-four gallons of an asphalt emulsifier in the water you drink?

The water you brush with, the water you bathe with, the water you take for granted?

That’s an unimaginable thought to have to imagine, to have to think.


The city released reports every second of the day to try to pacify the citizens,

The city delivered water to areas in need,

But the problem at hand was more than just this incident.


Water is essential to life, on this we can all agree.

Why is it we find a way to ruin it knowing it gives us life?

We take something essential to us and fill it with debris.


As industry and refineries grow around the globe,

Serious risks to the environment and community members are legitimate consequences,

This water contamination warning being just one example I know.


We are knowledgeable of the risks that can occur as we cheer on the large amounts of petroleum and industry present in the community.

We consume fossil fuels and damage our environment at such a rapid pace.

The only future I see is one with poor air, ground water and surface water quality.


We are so focused on progressing at such a rapid pace,

We are unable to acknowledge and prevent the consequences we are prone to face.

We must learn to treasure the essential things in life before it is too late.


There may be an upside to these water advisories- they may not be that bad.

They managed to make our city famous,

That makes me happy, at least a tad.


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