Scarlet Letter 

“What did you get on that test?”

Why is this question always asked?

Pardon me if I don’t treat this question like a guest,

I fear my hatred for defining individuals by scores has been unmasked.


Why is it that intelligence is defined by test scores?

One grade can’t encompass me,

There’s more to a person than grades, of course.

I beg of you, don’t judge by grades, please.


In Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne was judged by a letter,

A scarlet letter: A.

This letter in society’s mind became the center.

They could not look past the letter, not even today.


The letter A carries a lot of weight,

But it’s just an ordinary letter like the other twenty-five.

Let’s get something straight,

It does not desire attention from anyone, it is not deprived.


The letter, like with Hester, is being used to judge and define,

Society treats this letter like a label,

Not caring about what individuals are on the inside.

This method of society’s is one that for me to comprehend is not possible- I’m unable.


One test score, one assignment, GPA, AP, SAT, ACT,

These are all letters too,

A jumbled assortment of characters that won’t let me be,

Unless of course, I don’t receive judgement from you.


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