White Converse 

White Converse could be considered to be like any other shoe,

But I don’t believe that to be true.


They provide great comfort,

Match every outfit imaginable,

Manage to quickly collect every ounce of dirt,

But all the meanwhile still manage to look fashionable.


Again, this could be true for any other shoe.

But for me, they serve as another purpose too.


My grandpa’s eyesight began to deteriorate many years ago,

It was especially the worst at night,

I would turn on my flashlight and make the sidewalk glow,

But the flashlight itself was not so bright.


I would see his eyes strain as he tried to look at the floor,

I always wished I could help him more.


I then noticed when I wore my converse at night,

His eyes seemed to follow better as I walked backwards in front of his walker,

The flashlight would shine on my shoes and emphasize the white,

And his confidence in following me would grow stronger.


Some may see them as regular shoes,

But to me, they helped me give my grandfather the confidence he was beginning to lose.


He had loved to drive,

He had loved to be independent,

But his failing eyes,

Could not be mended.


Surgery upon surgery, there was no success,

But the patience he had, could not be suppressed.


I would try to help him walk the streets he used to know,

Holding his hand or getting his walker out,

But he was struggling to walk straight, that could show,

He needed to go slow and focus, that without a doubt.


I used to wish I could do more to help him follow me,

But now I just slip on my white converse and know he’ll be able to see.


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