Freedom Alive

Today is the eleventh of November,

The day to honor the kind and the brave,

The soldiers who were up to any conflict that could occur,

Regardless of the sacrifices they had to make.


Whether they were drafted or volunteers,

Whether they served for a month or even years,

They were there to protect our nation,

And that at the least, deserves utmost admiration.


Our country had been in a sense of crisis,

But these individuals did not fear,

They gave a donation that was priceless,

One that earned them a new label for the rest of their years.


Today, they appear as a proud veteran,

But their past may have been full of many burdens.

Some came back from the war with battle scars,

And others with friends who had gone to heaven as stars.


These individuals put their lives on the line,

And though I may not understand what is was you did out there,

You are an inspiration and will forever shine.


We may not have been there at the battles to share all the thoughts in your mind,

But we are here in the present to share the victories and happiness for the end of time.

Thank you for your service and your act of compassion,

Your truly selfless action.


Thank you for sacrificing your life,

To make sure our freedom remained alive.

Thank you.


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