The 45th


That is the number of presidents we had before one decided,

Slavery should be abolished.

The past had been misguided,

And this horrible ownership of humans had to be demolished.

1865 was perhaps one of the greatest years in American history,

But I fear we have backtracked, and some individuals are going to be put back in misery.

Forty three.

That is the number of presidents we had before a person of color

Took office and the presidential space.

He won a second term, and is well known as a great man, scholar, husband, and father,

But perhaps most importantly, a genuine man, full of grace.

He did eight years time

To try to make America even more kind.

He gave it his every effort,

And became an asset other nations treasured.

Other nations appreciated him more than his own,

But once the 2016 candidates were announced, anyone could hear the groans.

This could not be reality, this could not be real life.

How did these party candidates survive?

Why were they not eliminated in the preliminaries,

Did the definition of presidential traits get changed in the dictionary?

Forty four.

That is the number of presidents we had before I lost hope.

I couldn’t fathom the president-elect chosen by Americans, nope.

The man chosen was the opposite of American ideals,

But he had won the electoral votes, leaving me confused on how to feel.

How does a man get away with insulting the people composing his country?

By making people of color think back to pre-1865 when their ancestors were not yet free?

What gives him the power to insult my race, religion, family, and friends?

Someone help me fathom this situation, for I fear my hope is at its end.


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