I speak in front of people all the time,

However, there’s something different about presenting my rhymes.


I can talk about any light topic,

But for some reason, when I was given the chance to present my poetry,

I wasn’t able to, and for that I lack the logic.


Not once had I publicly presented my poetry,

And here was an event I agreed to present at and speak openly.


I prepared a poem and was ready to speak,

I even entered the location but I quickly left,

I wasn’t ready, I was weak.


Why was it that I feared to say what I thought?

I had worked so hard on my poem, had I not?


I spent hours on hours getting it to a lengthy size,

And felt so confident about it and ready to present,

But as soon as I entered, my confidence died.


I feared to speak my mind and tell my version of reality,

This was not the place, and I was facing internal brutality.


I don’t know why I speak with ease on the topic of everything else,

But look at me ready to present poetry,

And all the ease dwells.


The only reason I can think of why this occurred,

Is because I don’t think I was ready to be heard.


I liked to keep my poetry as written words- leave it unheard.


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