Sixteen year olds in movies are so care free,

Why is it that in real life there are so many worries?

The movie characters’ worries were where to sit at school,

In real life it’s having to deal with people that are cruel.


When they make a wish,

It’s usually for something trivial or to be rich.

In real life the wish would be to be safe,

Living and not in a grave.


Why is it that in real life death is a frequent occurrence,

So much so, some deaths go without an utterance.

I would like to think the world is getting kinder,

But all the massacres in the media serve as a reminder,

That this world is not a movie,

And some things are to be feared, truly.


I wish I could wish for world peace and it would happen,

But that is not a feasible action.

There are many things that are so far from control,

It could only be saved if the world united as a whole.


Sixteen years of life on this earth,

I’ve been told things that have hurt,

I hope you read these words,

And are able to decipher their worth.


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