Not Porcelain 

How is it that people can be applauded for degrading others?

Am I the only one that this bothers?

How is it that they can say the worst things that come to mind,

And have followers applauding behind them, fully blind?

How is it that they can go against the Constitution,

And come up with a horrid proposition,

Only to be met with congratulation,

When I am here with opposition.

When did our right to free speech,

Allow someone to infringe on my rights like a leech?

I’ve been watching silently as they insult my origin,

But sorry that I am not porcelain.

Unlike a doll, I have a voice,

They have expressed theirs, as per their choice.

My voice as well as all others has been suppressed,

But all these issues are about to be addressed.

The world wonders with worries what our future will be,

I wonder too as I beg and plea.

Don’t let the nation go to waste,

Voice what you’ve been through and don’t have it erased.

What we’ve seen, no doll has been through,

I have a voice and so do you.

Speak now or forever hold your peace,

Speak your pained mind, I beg you please.


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