Extra Adjective


What religion are you?

Me? Oh, I’m Muslim.

So you believe in Islam?

Yes, I do.

Is anyone in your family part of the Taliban?


Is anyone in your family a terrorist?

I’m sorry?

Does anyone in your family, you know blow stuff up?

I know what a terrorist means.

So do they?

Does your family?

Why would they?

Exactly. Why would mine?


I know, it seems like a no-brainer,

The answer couldn’t be any plainer.

The answer is no, two syllables.

Stop making Muslims feel miserable.


We believe in one god, just like you.

We’re humans, we’re people too.

Why is it that you separate us from you?

Our existence came from the same two.


Stop trying to make us feel like we don’t belong.

We’ve been here, in America, just as long.

I don’t know about yours, but in my religion I was taught,

That everyone around me, yes that is a lot,

Are my brothers and sisters,

Even though we are all from different misters.


You asked about terrorism, didn’t you?

You asked about my religion as well, this is true?

Why is it that religion is only emphasized,

When Muslims are guilty and the bad guys?


Religion does not play a role, and it never should.

For if it does, we will never be connected for good.

This extra adjective should not define me,

Nor should you judge me by it,

Once you learn to stop, I’ll be free,

From the discrimination and feel like I fit,

In this melting pot of the USA.


When that happens,

I’ll have nothing more to say.

Until then, I need you to remember,

Don’t judge a person by their religion, ever.