Born into This


Trees of green,

The sunlight so bright,

Yet this world is not clean,

With individuals far from kind.


Why is there so much hatred?

This isn’t the world meant to be created.

We’re all the same from within,

What does it matter if we’re Jews, Muslims, Atheists, or Christians?


Tell me why I fear to express myself,

When the first amendment grants that within itself.

Tell me why I am judged by the color of my skin,

When all I’ve ever heard is don’t judge a book by its cover, look within.


My skin is the car for my body,

I drive it around but it does not embody,

It does not embody me,

Why is that so difficult to see?


I was baked a little more in the oven of life,

But what says that should entitle me to more strife?

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality years ago,

Discrimination is still present, ever so.


Why have the requests for ending judgment been left unanswered?

Why has the line between right and wrong blurred?

Someone help me, I don’t understand the world I was born into,

Do you?