Answers to an Atheist


Why do you believe in God?

I need to know someone is always there,

Knowing who I am, from the inside, bare.

I need to know someone is always planning,

Answering all the questions I’m asking.


I need to know someone will be here forever,

The same someone who hasn’t changed, ever.

The one who I don’t have to explain anything to,

The one who sees through and knows what to do.


The one who has been taking care of this world,

Far before my life unfurled.

The one who knows all,

Will give me the strength to stand tall,

Has been watching me every second,

And whose presence is always welcomed.


How do I know this someone is real?

What if this is just a crazy ideal?

If nothing more than what I stated above,

God exists in my love.

It’s comforting to know someone is always there,

Someone who unconditionally cares.


Honestly I don’t know what I’d do if it was proven God didn’t exist.

Well, even then, that thought would be dismissed.

God exists in my heart,

And even death won’t do us part.


You can believe God’s existence is not,

But I will forever believe in God.