Shirking Morals


The eyes dart here and there,

In the corner, a paper is heard as it begins to tear,

The teacher is at her desk, oblivious and without a care,

While I cover my paper since I don’t like to “share.”


I was told, “Cheaters never prosper” as I grew bigger,

However, the cheaters and classes increased with rigor.

What had been done to serve as a trigger?

And why had all my classmates lost their vigor?


They had developed a system to distribute the work,

This I had decided, is temporary and far from a quirk,

But no, it grew to others, and I began to become irked,

My classmates were unable to do work by themselves without needing to shirk.


As the days passed, my mind began to turn,

Maybe it was my turn to cheat, this I’ve earned.

But with the thought my stomach churned,

This is neither what I had been taught nor what I’d learned.


When it came to questioning my morals, I had to disagree.

The daily procedures of others did not concern me,

Others could do as they please,

But for me, I would stick with what I believed.